world war 2

entertainment the entertainment was not very good all they have is the pictures.The transport in that time was not really good either all they had was buses were not around alot for the cost of petrol.Or they walked to were ever they were going.In hospital there was a little basement for the people when they heard an airaid warning.In the school they had to people between one desk.they got techead arithmatic reading and writing.The children wore short trousers an old jacket and studded shoes.The most embarrising thing for them was the outside toilets.They eat more red meat than white meat.They also eat toffee apples,toffee lollies,lucky potatoes.The toys they had were called mechano and they also had lego.


Football is a great sport.It keeps you very fit because cause you run about for quit a while.But a proffesiniol footballers play games for ninty minutes plus the footba pitches are very big but it stil keeps you very fit

the rues of footbal

first i wi tell you about offsides.Offsides are when a striker has benn played the ball when he is in front of the defenders

now i will tel you about freekicks.A freekick is given when a bad challenge had been tackle on an opposite team and they may get a yellow card or a red card.

now i wil tell you about yellow cards and red card.

Ayellow card is if quit a bad challenge has occured on the player from the opposite team.but if you get two yellow cards you will get a red card.A red card is a card you woudnt  want to get  because you would get sent of the pitch and not be allowed to play the next game.

that is not all of the rules but some off them thanks

facts on australia

                Facts for
Australia Fact 1          There is not many people living in Australia they normally live round the borders of

Fact 2         There were these cone shaped things made from limestone. 

Fact 3      rocks change couler in the middle of the night like luru. 

Fact 4     there was a weird fish called barracuda. 

Fact 5      there were 20,000 years old paintings on the walls made of sandstone. 

Fact 6      There were rainforest in
Australia I didn’t no. 

Fact 7     there is a place called
Great Barrier Reef. 

Fact 8      there is a pond called cannse pond. 

Fact 9      there is a big river called north


Fact 10       there were 12 cone shaped things in the sea called the 12 apposes. 

I got these interesting facts from the book called are we there yet? It is a great book and I got 11 great interesting facts we got it from the all-stars in
Australia Thanks all-stars