LHS 3 day viset

first oval we all went into the hall at 15 minutes past 9 and we all sat in our houses lewis harris and skye (Skye is the best) so when we were all siting in our houses mrs buchan came in and told us a bit about lhs then she told us the rector was going to come into the hall his name was mr mcgowan after he spoke to us we went to our first ever subject in high school then we went for play time we went in the hall and lhs provided us with juice and crisp then we went for another subject and then luchtime and then we done some activities 2 day we basically done the same but alot more work it qas really good that day we went to h.e and got told how to make spounge cake it was great the 3rd day was also really good the best thing about is that it is better thab primary school the luches are really good you get slush puppies and slurpes

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